Pay Dues or Donate to the WCS

Pay Dues or Donate

Information about paying dues or donating to the Wellesley Choral Society
If you wish to Donate, please follow this link to our partner site, MightyCause.  Thanks!

If you wish to pay dues, here is some information: 
When you are ready to join the Wellesley Choral Society as a full-year (Sept-May), or half-year member (Sept-Jan), you can pay by credit car
through our partner site, MightyCause.  First, please note these four things:
1. We are using the "donate" button to pay dues (even though dues are not a true donation).
2. You will be making a "one-time donation," not a monthly donation.
3. Please do not click the "hide my name from public display" button unless you do not wish to be on our internal roster. WCS only shares member information within our membership so that we can contact one another for things like carpooling or emergency contact. 
4. Please note that you will be given the option to pay our processing fees so that the Wellesley Choral Society keeps the full payment.  We would appreciate it if you choose to pay our fees! You may also choose not to include those processing fees in your payment, which will not affect your membership.

If you prefer to pay by check, you can send a check 
made out to “Wellesley Choral Society” 
to our treasurer:
Nina Moss
104 Sherbourne Place, 
Waltham, MA 02451. 
Please note your email address on the memo line of your check. Please mail checks early so we have your membership before the Members-only rehearsals begin on October 5th.