For Members: Practice Files and Music Notes

Recordings and Learning Tracks for Choral Society 


Follow this link to learning tracks by part: Padlet link to learning aids

Here are links for recordings:

Rutter – Five Childhood Lyrics

Here are some nice recordings of the pieces

Windy Nights

Monday’s Child

Six Pence – Perhaps a bit too fast!

Geographical fugue

Here are some learning tracks for the piece.

The metronome beats out the eighth note pace and the voice part begins in the measure the part starts. (For instance, the soprano track starts al letter B after hearing clicks of the metronome.





And a recording of the entire piece

And a faster one!

By the Leeks of Babylon

A recording of one of the earliest modern day performances




Father William

I will have corrected parts ready for the rehearsal after next.

In the meantime, here is a recording of the piece.



Pinkham – The Saint’s Preserve Us

As with the Rutter, I will create learning tracks for these pieces and get them to Linda as soon as I can.


St. Celsius

St. Canaria


Follow this link to a sound recording of the Fall 2019 "War and Peace" concert.

Follow this link to see Chris Barbieri's video recordings of our fall "War and Peace" concert.!Ao-ZTJLyODRmpSqdKcMX_UQI-2A5?e=pqWPBO