COVID protocols, policies, and waivers

Wellesley Choral Society

Amended 4/22/23

Singers: Masks will still be required for rehearsals.  This will help keep everyone safe and healthy leading up to our spring concert.

We ask everyone to test if/when you experience any symptoms.  As COVID, colds, and allergies all have similar symptoms, you should test even if you think it’s “only allergies” or “only a cold.”  At the end of this message there is information about obtaining tests.

Masks will be OPTIONAL for the dress rehearsal and concert.  HOWEVER, if you decide to sing without a mask, you MUST test before the dress rehearsal (Saturday morning) AND again before the concert (Sunday morning), whether you have symptoms or not.  Anyone who tests positive will not sing at the dress rehearsal or in the concert.

Audience masking: Our audience will be required to wear masks for the concert, and we will also tape off the first few rows of seating to help keep our audience safe.

Singers Covid-19 Protocol for 2022 – 2023 Season

 While no single measure or collection of measures can provide complete protection from Covid-19, we can mitigate the risk by working together as a community, taking prudent actions, and adhering to the preventive measures outlined below. 


Based on the latest CDC guidance, the Board of the Wellesley Choral Society has determined the following protocol will be in place for in-person rehearsals:

·    MASKS – Everyone will wear approved masks inside any venue where the group is rehearsing or performing.  Specialized singer’s masks will be available for separate purchase. TMF masks have been determined to be the singer’s mask with the best results for droplet containment. (KN95/N95 masks will be available to interested singers coming during open rehearsals.)

·    VACCINATIONS/NEGATIVE TESTS – Due to the ever-changing nature of Covid-19, the efficacy of original vaccinations and boosters may not be sufficient for a high level of protection. Newer boosters are becoming available and we strongly suggest that members follow the prescribed protocol for keeping updated with all vaccinations.

·    SYMPTOMS OR EXPOSURE – Whether Covid-related (and regardless of vaccination status) or caused by any other potentially communicable illness, if you have been exposed or experiencing any of the following symptoms, you will need to be absent from in-person rehearsal and are welcome to join the rehearsal via Zoom:

o   Cough or sore throat

o   New loss of taste or smell

o   Fever or chills

o   Vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea

Shortness of breath/difficulty breathing

Headache (not a usual one)

Nasal congestion or runny nose

Muscle or body aches (unexplained)

·      ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY – Sanitizing gel will be available before, during, and after rehearsal.  Windows in the sanctuary will be opened prior to rehearsal and remain open during rehearsal to provide maximum outside airflow. Recommended measures will be taken to maintain air circulation.

·      REHEARSAL SPACE –  Regular rehearsals will be held in the sanctuary. As currently required by the UU Church, please observe a 3-foot social distancing space between singers as well as populating only every other pew. 

·      REHEARSAL TIME – Our rehearsal time will be 1 hour and 45 minutes. We will not have a break during rehearsal in order to maintain our social distancing.

·      SOCIAL TIME –  In the past, people have gathered prior to rehearsal and linger after rehearsals to socialize. While camaraderie is an inherent part of our group, the pandemic requires vigilance as to how we interact with each other. All socializations, therefore, will need to take place outside of the venue. Please be respectful of a request or reminder by a Board member to enjoy your conversation outside during non-rehearsal times.


We ask all singers to sign COVID-19 liability waivers.

The Wellesley Choral Society’s Covid-19 Liability Singer Form

I acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19*. I further acknowledge that the Wellesley Choral Society cannot guarantee that I will not become infected with COVID-19. I understand that the risk of becoming exposed to and/or infected by COVID-19 may result from the actions, omissions, or negligence by myself and others, including, but not limited to Wellesley Choral Society singers, staff, volunteers, visitors, or audience members. 

I acknowledge the recommendation that I keep updated with the latest boosters available. I also understand that this is not a requirement for membership in the group.

I further acknowledge that the Wellesley Choral Society has put in place preventative measures to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19. 

I voluntarily seek to sing with the Wellesley Choral Society during the 2022-2023 Season and acknowledge that I may be increasing my risk to exposure to the COVID-19. 

I acknowledge that I must comply with all set procedures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 while attending rehearsals and performances. 

I acknowledge that if I knowingly have been in contact with a COVID-19-positive person, I must stay at home until completing the necessary quarantine time or quarantined and tested negative for COVID-19 as in accordance with guidelines set by the venue, Town of Wellesley Department of Health, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and CDC. Prior to every rehearsal or performance, I may be asked and will attest that: 

·    I am not experiencing any symptoms of illness such as cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat or new loss of taste or smell. 

·    I have not been exposed to someone with a suspected and/or confirmed case of the COVID-19. In the event of an exposure, I will follow the current guidelines set forth by the CDC and the Wellesley Choral Society. 



*  It is intended that the use of the term “Covid-19” also includes any and all variants.






Singers, please sign and return to Jettora Lundquist. 


I hereby choose to accept the risk of contracting COVID-19 associated with participating in Wellesley Choral Society activities. I hereby forever release and waive my right to bring suit or other claims against the Wellesley Choral Society and its directors, members, managers, officers, agents, employees, or other representatives (the “released parties”), and to hold it and them harmless from and against all claims, actions, suits, and liabilities, losses, damages, costs, attorney fees, and other expenses of every nature and character, in connection with exposure, infection, or spread of COVID-19 related to attending and/or participating in the Wellesley Choral Society’s events and/or being present on premises relating to such events, including losses and damages caused, or alleged to be caused, in whole or in part by the negligence of the released parties.

I acknowledge the above statements and agree to sing/participate with the Wellesley Choral Society for the 2022-2023 Season. 


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